We are a Monetization Platform for APP & Software

How Much Can I Earn?

Potential earning by month
$ for users

How Does It Work?

Integrate our SDK

Once signed up with us, we will provide you with extremely simple instructions to get our SDK integrated into your app.

Users Opt-in

As part of our ethical approach, users who opted-in would be given an ads-free experience.

Start To Earn

We have a dashboard that would allow you to track the daily active users.

High Ethical Standards

We enforce high ethical standards to protect participating developers, app & software users, and we have a team that monitors compliance 24x7x365 days.



App and software users must opt-in into the program, before their internet is used. They have the flexibility to opt-out any time, and once opted-out, their internet will immediately no longer be used.

Usage Criteria
Usage Criteria


The user’s internet must be connected through a WiFi connection, and NO mobile internet would be used in the process.

Automated Network Protection
Automated Network Protection

Our system is set with a strict daily and monthly bandwidth limit, to ensure that the user’s network usage is not impacted by our us.

Intensive Customer Screening
Intensive Customer Screening

We conduct an interview process known as “Know Your Customer”, prior to accepting them as an eligible customer, and this ensures that all usages are 100% ethical.

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