Safety Controls

Safety Controls

Our Commitment

Every user should have complete control over what traffic is used on their device. Users shall never be harmed for selling their traffic to our network.

Vetting Procedure

Vetting Procedure

Our business clients from our brand, Rayobyte, are diligently vetted to ensure their use cases comply with our use cases mentioned here. These customers are subject to a video screening, demo of their software using the IPs in this compliance, and periodically followed up with by our audit officers. Furthermore, we block connections that are not going to any of the Use Cases mentioned so these customers cannot send traffic to your device for unwanted domains.

Complete Control

We have built our system from the ground up to protect you, the end user. That means we not only vet our customers, but give you complete control over how your device is used. In beta testing, we give you our guarantee that your traffic will only be used for the domains (and subsequent subdomains) mentioned here. You can measure and prove this guarantee by installing a free software that shows you all traffic going in and out of your device.

Upcoming beta features to give you more control:

  • Allow/disallow any domain

  • Configurable # of allowed connections

  • See all domains connected through your device

  • Configurable amount of bandwidth to allow

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